When the Embrace Whispers

Linda's vibrant presence was complemented by her striking appearance. In her mid-forties, with a graceful, athletic build, her auburn hair cascaded in loose waves around her face. Her eyes sparkled with energy, and she wore a flowing dress and high heels. Sarah stared at them for a few seconds. "These just arrived. I was testing them," Linda said, removing her heels and handing them to Sarah. "Sit here. Try them on. You wear a size 36, right?""You’re good," Sarah responded."It’s my job, honey. Of course, I’m good. The mirror is to your right," Linda said, clicking on a tiny MP3 player. Soft tango notes filled the room. "I’ll be back with tea in a minute."The heels, a rich, verdant color with a design like intricate flower petals, felt soft and velvety under Sarah's touch, with a subtle give that promised comfort.Sarah removed her right shoe and held one of these little green pieces of heaven in front of her for a few seconds, as if savoring that feeling of excitement and anticipation. The initial touch of the smooth material against her skin was gentle. She fastened the straps and examined herself in the mirror. Her leg appeared longer. She stood up and viewed herself from the side. She wondered what Mark would say if he saw her now in these heels."That tanguera looks gooooood," Linda commented, returning with tea.Sarah looked confused."A tanguera is a woman who dances tango," Linda explained. "Notice how supportive they are around your ankle?""They’re unlike any heels I’ve worn before," Sarah marveled. "So comfortable.""Many tangueras wear them to work. If they’re good for dancing for hours, they’re great for the office," Linda added.Sarah imagined the reaction of the doctors as she walked through the hospital hallways in her green heels and baggy green scrubs. "What, you've never seen a walking plant?" she would say."They are beautiful. How much do they cost?" she asked."Not so fast, honey," Linda said. "You don't marry the first man you date, do you? You need to make sure everything fits. How many dresses do you have that match this color?"Sarah lifted her hand, forming a circle by bringing the top of her index finger to meet her thumb."That’s what I thought," Linda smiled. "Now, you can either buy a few dresses to match the shoes, or you can do what every smart tanguera does." She stood up and moved toward the wall on the left. With a theatrical flair, Linda pointed at a blue button on the right. Sarah looked at the button, confused. Then she looked at the wall. This isn’t a wall. It’s a closet."Will you do the honor?" Linda smiled.Sarah jumped off the couch, one foot in heels, one in sneakers, and pressed the button. The closet doors gracefully slid open, making a soft, hushed sound, revealing a walk-in closet. The integrated LED lighting gently illuminated the meticulously arranged contents. Sarah was astounded."These are…""A hundred and twenty-three pairs of tango shoes for you to choose from," Linda announced.Sarah’s mouth fell open. She walked in and looked around. All the shoes were arranged by color, creating a canvas of elegance. "Where do I start?""First, black. Then, red," Linda said, waving two pairs of heels in front of Sarah’s face with a huge grin.This was an excerpt from the book ‘When the Embrace Whispers’. You can find it at https://whentheembracewhispers.com/