Redeeming Tango’s spirit and seduction, the exceptional international dancer Viviana Laguzzi crafts her haute couture collection under her firm, "Mimí Pinzón".

Sensuality, elegance and enticement surface in these three carefully designed women clothing lines:

Urban Style offers a fit fashion for the dynamic and contemporary woman who desires a striking and sensuous style without surrendering any comfort.

Tango Salon Dress denotes a sophisticated, elegant wear that outlines the women’s distinctive figure, matching her gestures and motions.

The Tango Show line suggests the allure and magic necessary to highlight in any event, be it a ballroom, a stage, or an unforgettable evening.

Lace, see-through dresses, strass and hand-made embroidery heighten the feminine exquisiteness and individuality. Viviana’s multifaceted gifts as a dancer, designer and entrepreneur are rendered in her distinct haute couture creations and are shown in the best international Tango shows. "Mimí Pinzón" designer-label clothing has sponsored the Tango World Championship and its secondary venues for the past decade.

Its Madreselva shoes wear are unexampled and meticulous manufactures; handcrafted, top quality, beautifuly finished products. Standing out for their charm and comfort, these shoes are built for a rippling seduction. A symbol of womanly sophistication, Madreselva shoe wear inspires grace and seduction.

¨Fashion is not only how you look on the outside, it’s a reflection on how you are within.”

“ …“When I work, I do so thinking on each artists’ personality and the meaning of their performance, and what each occasion calls for. Sensuality is fundamental, but I prefer an insinuating, suggesting, motivating seduction”. Viviana Laguzzi