"Glam Soiree" Collection

We present our new collection Glam Soiree by Mimi Pinzon designs made for your Glam nights.It is inspired by the latest trends that mark the most important fashion centers, taking into account the style of a woman who seeks to feel feminine, elegant, sensual and at the same time relaxed, being able to wear deep necklines in the front or back, transparencies and cuts based on our experience when making our professionally built designs for dancing because our mission is to make you look elegant sensual feminine without having to guard your design so that nothing you don't want to show comes to light ...

Glam Soiree - Style

Glam Soiree - V

La calidad se refleja en cada una de nuestras prendas, trabajamos con excelentes materiales y cuidamos los detalles de confección para que así encuentres en Mimi Pinzon no un simple vestido, sino una pequeña pieza de arte.

Glam Soiree - M

Miri - Glam Soiree

Porque cada detalle está pensado para esa prenda  en particular y los acabados están hechos a mano, lo cual convierte al diseño en único y exclusivo.

Glam Soiree  - Esme

Glam Soiree - MK