Art and Lilies at Mimi Pinzon

An artist who filled our patio with colors could not be another who lives 80% in her own film full of imagination, our Marti Fiorentino. When someone says, "you can't live on art," don't believe it. Live your own adventure and enjoy all that that moves you inside

Arte en Mimi Pinzon

According to Nora Ros, an Argentine pedagogue, “Art, in its most diverse expressions, is an eminently social activity, which is present in the daily life of man. It is a central aspect of his life that helps him to differentiate himself from the rest of living beings since he is the only one capable of producing and enjoying it.

Art occupies a prominent place for everyone, it is part of the public experience, since through it our own culture manifests itself. ”

For this reason, at Mimi Pinzón we did not hesitate a second when we decided that Martina was the ideal artist to give art, color and joy to our patio, using those perfect colors to highlight those unique LILIES. Meet these designs in our Maison.


In short, in the artist's own words, "I know this is the beginning of a long road and I am glad that it has started."

Thanks Marti!