• Mimi Pinzon & Madreselva «Official Sponsor of Tango BA Festival and Championship »

    Mimi Pinzon & Madreselva Official Sponsor of Tango BA Festival and World CHampionship 2024We are proud to be the signatures that accompany all those who are passionate about our dance, music and tango culture. From August 14 to August 27, 2024 we will be present with our brands presenting th... See Publication
  • When the Embrace Whispers

    Linda's vibrant presence was complemented by her striking appearance. In her mid-forties, with a graceful, athletic build, her auburn hair cascaded in loose waves around her face. Her eyes sparkled with energy, and she wore a flowing dress and high heels. Sarah stared at them for a few seconds. "... See Publication
  • "Viva Tango Vegas: Unleashing the Passion at the Las Vegas Tango Festival!"

    "Mimi Pinzon & Madreselva Shoes Sponsor at the Las Vegas Tango Festival! Don't miss the opportunity to assist to the king of the Festivals of Nevada September 12 til 15 2024 Helena Fernandez & Claudio Villagra: our inspiration to bring the glamour of Argentine Tango to the desert sands of Las ... See Publication