Discover the passion behind our tango dresses

A look at Mimi Pinzon, the Tango Boutique par excellence 

In the bustling tango scene, where every step is an expression of passion and elegance, a unique voice emerges, the Tango Boutique. From our humble roots as the world's first tango boutique founded by a dancer, we have been pioneers in creating designs that capture the essence of the dance and the uniqueness of each dancer.

*Our Differentiation:*

What sets us apart from the crowd? We not only offer tango dresses; We offer an experience. We are more than a brand, we are a community of dancers who understand the importance of feeling comfortable, confident and elegant on the dance floor. Our designs are not only beautiful, they are designed with the intimate knowledge of a woman's body and the creativity that only an experienced dancer can bring.


*Our Design Values:*

At the heart of each of our designs lies a commitment to quality, elegance and comfort. We strive to create garments that are not only visually stunning, but also functional and adaptable to the needs of dancers on the dance floor. Every seam, every detail, is carefully designed to allow our clients to shine with confidence with every step.

*Our History as Official Sponsor of the Tango World CHampionship:

*For more than two decades, we have had the honor of being the official sponsor of the Tango World Cup, the most prestigious event in the world of tango. This partnership is not only a testament to our dedication to the art of tango, but also a recognition of the quality and excellence we represent in the dance industry. 

In Mimi Pinzon, we don't just sell dresses; We sell dreams, passion and a unique experience on the dance floor. Join our community of passionate dancers and discover the power of elegance in movement. We are waiting with open arms!