Viviana Laguzzi

I discovered the woman who took tango clothing to everyone.

Her name is Viviana Laguzzi and in addition to designing clothes and shoes for tango dancing, she was a professional dancer for many years with the very best-known companies in Argentina like "Mariano Mores Company" and "Tango Pasion" dancing all over the world.

She started her career almost 20 years ago and stepped on the most important tracks in the world as a classical dancer and later as a tango dancer. By the influence of his grandmother and by her own demands, she designed each garment she used. 

With this spirit, Mimi Pinzon and later Madreselva shoes were created both firms dedicated to tango clothing, which not only succeed in the country but throughout the world. 

When did you decide to create your own wardrobe to dance as a Tango professional? 

As a result of my need as an artist and have had a grandmother who taught me everything about sewing from a very young age and transmitted all the love she put into making a garment, I started designing my own dresses.

Campeones Mundiales 2019

Because as a tango dancer, the dresses that were used were not very flattering to me and as I needed to lengthen my figure since my partner was very tall, I decided to make ones that reached almost to the ankle.

At first, I was very criticized, but then it was imposed and today it became a fashion and it was totally obsolete to wear a short tango dress.

How did you realize that there was a market in that area?

During my career, my colleagues asked me a lot who made my dresses. After many years, when I started to feel the need to stay more in my country, I started to think about the idea of creating the first Tango Boutique in Argentina.

A space to buy a dress and wear it that same day, both for a performance or to go dancing at a Milonga or simply to have a more feminine look.

I think the clothing that I design focuses on highlighting the female figure, the parts of the body that we like the most with lines, textures, and style that favor us.

And so it was that in 2000 Mimi Pinzon was born the first exclusive tango firm in the country and I think it could also say the world. Then in 2015, I added Madreselva as my shoe line, both brands complement each other and their names cames from two famous tangos that are highly recognized.