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Mimi Pinzon Tango Clothes


  • El Campeonato Oficial de Tango Buenos Aires Festival y Mundial está cada vez más cerca, por lo que en diferentes provincias del país y en varios países del mundo se están llevando a cabo todas las competencias preliminares y así escoger a los mejores bailarines!

    Mimi Pinzón, alta costura para el tango... Ha estado presente en las diversas preliminares ya disputadas, en las que además de ser sponsor oficial del Festival y Mundial de Tango 2017, otorgó premios y reocnocimientos a los primeros tres puestos de cada categoría, valorando así la puesta en escena, baile y pasión de cada pareja.

    Contentas de participar siempre, acá les dejamos algunas líndas imágenes! Y... Nos vemos en el mundial <3

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  • The opening of America's most important TV show was dressed in TANGO !!! And of course the dancers looked beautiful with unique and exclusive designs by Mimi Pinzón Tango Dress. In its 28th edition, the ShowMatch scenario was conducive to presenting a number of Tango, with a group of the best dancers in the country. Here some of the photos:


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  • From August 10 to 23, Buenos Aires dresses up in Tango to celebrate the TANGOBA Festival and Mundial, a championship that has been held since 2003 and that, to date, brings together the best dancers from all over the world. Viviana Laguzzi, responsible for the firm Mimi Pinzón, along with all her team, is already fine-tuning the details for the launch of her new collection, so that the Tango Salon or Stage dancers can look beautiful, fine and unique in The tracks of the Festival and Mundial de Tango 2017. Designs with the finer and exclusive fabrics, delicate embroidery and cuts that mix the elegant and sensual, make Mimi Pinzón models really DREAMED !!! Designed to dance and accompany the silhouette of the dancers in each of their movements. Mimi Pinzón Tango Dress, haute couture for tango !!! See you in the world cup <3 <3 <3

    Viviana Laguzzi, responsable de la firma Mimi Pinzón.




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  • Viviana Laguzzi by Nexos Magazine

    Viviana Laguzzi, owner of Mimi Pinzón Tango Dress, shared an exclusive interview with the magazine Nexos, celebrating 100 years of the Tango "La Cumparsita".

    We leave the link so you can read the full interview !!!

    Mimi Pinzón Tango Dress, haute couture for tango ..

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  • The Tango USA Festival and Argentinean Championship is a unique official Tango event that gives the winners the official pass in the United States for the Tango Buenos Aires Festival Y Mundial !!! Hundreds of dancers showed off in the competition that began on April 13 and during four days of pure tango they disputed the positions to gain the direct pass to TANGO BA ... And as always Mimi Pinzón Tango Dress was present with its infarct collections !

    During the festival, in addition to the competition, 28 workshops were given to tango dancers. Likewise, attendees could enjoy four milongas performed in a spectacular ballroom of 14 thousand square feet, which was set with the best live music by great bands and DJs of Tango.

    ATUSA, held in San Francisco (USA), also featured Master Shows, special performances by dancers and a space where the best tango costumes were exhibited, where the Mimi Pinzón Stage and Salon collections stole all eyes from the Assistants, for their unique designs and thought to dance.

    Here are some photographs of the ATUSA festival:


    PH :Nikolay Chigirev

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  • Tnago Fashion Show at Palermo Italy

    The MimiPinzón models are used all over the world by the best tango dancers! On this occasion, we were present in Palermo Italy !!! An unforgettable night in which, through a parade of our new Tango Escenario collection, filled the catwalks of Italy and the world of tango with elegance, glamor and originality.


    The spectacular night of tango and glamor was organized by tango dancer and Italian grandmother Laura Grandi, in addition to Angel Fabian Coria, Alterazioni Tango and Claudia Sortino, all thanks for making the MimiPinzón parade a beautiful event! We leave some images: To look at all the models of the new collection, go to:


     You already have your own Tango dress Mimi Pinzon? 


    (PHOTOS: Adornos di Marcella)

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