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Argentine Tango USA Official Festival & Championship (ATUSA) 2106

The Tango USA Festival and Argentinean Championship is a unique official Tango event that gives the winners the official pass in the United States for the Tango Buenos Aires Festival Y Mundial !!! Hundreds of dancers showed off in the competition that began on April 13 and during four days of pure tango they disputed the positions to gain the direct pass to TANGO BA ... And as always Mimi Pinzón Tango Dress was present with its infarct collections !

During the festival, in addition to the competition, 28 workshops were given to tango dancers. Likewise, attendees could enjoy four milongas performed in a spectacular ballroom of 14 thousand square feet, which was set with the best live music by great bands and DJs of Tango.

ATUSA, held in San Francisco (USA), also featured Master Shows, special performances by dancers and a space where the best tango costumes were exhibited, where the Mimi Pinzón Stage and Salon collections stole all eyes from the Assistants, for their unique designs and thought to dance.

Here are some photographs of the ATUSA festival:


PH :Nikolay Chigirev


Sofía Nunes

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